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Flu and Cold Season Tips

The flu and cold season is upon us. Here are a few quick tips to boost your chance of staying healthy this season or minimizing your down time.

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle – People underestimate the importance of the daily activities that keep you healthy overall. Get plenty of rest, don’t smoke, exercise regularly, stay hydrated, and make sure you’re getting proper nutrition. Keeping your allergies under control is also important. If not, your upper respiratory is already inflamed, which makes it easier to acquire a virus.

Wash Your Hands – No matter what line of work you are in, you are going to come into contact with people who are sick, either directly like someone at work/school or indirectly like a contaminated shopping cart. Wash your hands whenever you get the chance, soap and water is your best defense in physically removing the germs.

Use Hand Sanitizer – When you are not able to regularly wash your hands, using alcohol-based sanitizer is a good alternative.

Avoid People Who Are Sick – Though this is not always easy to do, avoid shaking hands or sitting next to that ill looking person in a waiting room.

Keep Your Home Clean – Germs hide on all sorts of surfaces of your home like countertops, light switches, door knobs and even floors. Remember to clean those area used most on a daily basis and clean your floors daily. Also consider using a professional carpet cleaning service. Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction process has been proven to remove 89% of airborne bacteria and can remove those hidden germs, dirt, and allergens in your carpet.

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